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GR-LY-41A Anti-scald Chrome Thermostatic Mixing Shower Valve

Anti-scald theory
It is equipped with the anti-scald faucet tank. When the hot water flows into the thermostatic valve, it is not exposed to the metal surface because of being 360° surrounded by the cold water, which can guarantee the temperature on the surface always being less than the mixing water temperature. Due to the dual protection, the users can avoid the risk of being scald.

Anti-scald chrome thermostatic mixing shower valve: HPb59-1(grade A brass) is used in the shell, and PPA+60%GF is used in the inner tank.
Faucet handwheel: The handwheel uses ABS, being fully electroplated, thus can be anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant.
Shower cartridge: The cartridge made of copper can effectively restrain the growth of bacteria.
Dual control valve: The surface is chroming treated, passing the test of 24h acid salt spray.
The alternative plated overhead shower, made of ABS, is an intensive rainy shower.

The reb button on the left is used to regulating temperature; the blue one on the right is the switch.
The dual function shower system includes top spray and shower.

Available standards
BSEN1111, BS EN1287, ASME A112.12.1/CSAB 125.1, ASSE 1016 and AS 4032.2.

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