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Certificate: CE certification (European conformity)

Date of issue: MAY 2014

The Guoren factory operates under EN1111:1999 quality management system standards and products meet all of the conformity declarations of our customers and industry standards. According to the EC license agreement, our products comply with European safety, health, environmental, and hygiene standards.

Certificate: ISO9001 quality management system certification

Date of issue: July 2015

The enterprise has achieved the integration of various international standards for management systems. The company can supply inspected and qualified products to customers without additional certification.

Certificate: WRAS certification (Water Research Advisory Scheme)

Date of issue: MAY 2016

The product itself will not contain or release substances that will influence public health. During its use, the smell and taste of the water will not be altered, the appearance of the water will not be altered, the growth of aquatic microbial organisms will not be bred, and toxic and harmful substances will not be precipitated. Products comply with the British BS6920 or BS5750 PART standards, and have a water supply qualification.

WaterMark: The purpose of WaterMark certification is to provide a national standard for the verification of the pipes. With WaterMark certification, the products are legal for sale in Australia, showing that the products comply with the requirements of pipeline, drainage regulations, and other water laws.

ACS certification standards: AFNOR XP P41-250-1(2, 3)

ACS The French Ministry of Health (Ministere de la Sante) requires that plumbing and sanitary ware products should undergo a hygiene audit and test to prove that the product will not alter chemical components and microbial characteristics of the water. Only products meeting the relating standards and issued the certificate of sanitary conformity ACS, it can be sold in France.

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